Save the date: May Day 2010 in the Boston Common

We are in the midst of the worst economic crisis since the "Great Depression" of the 1930s. We are experiencing massive layoffs and an official unemployment rate that will surpass 10%. Workers are losing their healthcare and their homes to foreclosure and jobs are still being sent overseas.

Billions of dollars, money that has been bled from the working class, are being shipped to Wall Street corporations so the fat cats can collect their multi million dollar bonuses. While these corporations grab our money and ask for more they continue their union busting and compel workers to give back precious gains, hard won through struggle and sacrifices, in order to keep their jobs.

It is time for us, native born and immigrant, union and nonunion workers to stand together united and determined to RESIST!

On May Day, the anniversary of the Chicago Martyrs who in 1886 gave their lives in the fight for the eight hour day. We must send a powerful message to our current administration and our elected officials and to Wall Street that we are united in the struggle for a better and more secure life for ALL workers, native born and immigrant.

• We Demand the Passage of “The Employee Free Choice Act”
• We Demand Health Care for All
• We Demand an End to Foreclosures and Give Backs
• We Demand Full Rights and Citizenship for Undocumented Immigrant Workers

The Boston May Day Committee has established a Labor Outreach Committee to help coordinate labor union, worker organizations and immigrant rights organizations participation. We must unite and organize to reclaim our day, International Workers Day!

If you are interested in participating in planning, organizing, doing outreach to help coordinate the Workers International Day event, please contact:

Genevieve at: (508) 527-4337 or Dorotea at: (617) 922-5744