Proposed May Day 2010 Support Resolution

The Boston May Day Committee in collaboration with local activists endorsed and supported by labor and community organizations, will commemorate and celebrate the 124th Anniversary of the Chicago Martyrs of 1886 on May Day, Workers International Day on Saturday, May 1, 2010 on the Boston Common. We ask that you please accept and request adoption of the below recommended or similar resolution by your organization.

WHEREAS working people's living standards, jobs and rights are under attack due in part to the failed policies of globalization and free trade fueling an international crisis that workers did not create but forcing many to leave their homes in search of employment and security,

WHEREAS the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) will benefit ALL workers and ensure their right to collective bargaining and joining labor unions under the “National Labor Relations Act” setting a 50% + 1 standard; solidifying and facilitating their struggles such as single payer health care, a living wage and jobs for ALL workers as a right and not a privilege,

WHEREAS an urgently needed action to stimulate the economy and improve ALL people's lives would be to immediately establish public works programs to create jobs with union rights and living wages,

WHEREAS immigrant workers are our brothers and sisters also working and struggling to make a better life for themselves and their families contributing to the economy and community, should be granted full legalization and citizenship rights to improve their quality of life without having to live under the threat of deportation and detention strengthening the labor movement,

WHEREAS in this time of economic crisis, a strong message from our workers to the world that labor and community organizations shall unite to stand up for the rights of all working people, to build local and global working class solidarity and to strengthen labor movements and the struggle for decent living standards and broader struggles,

WHEREAS May 1, 2010 “International Workers’ Day” marks the 124th anniversary of the heroic struggle of the Chicago Martyrs who in 1886 gave their lives in the fight for the eight hour day, we the working class will reclaim this day and send a powerful message to the current administration and elected officials that we will continue the struggle for a better more secure life for ALL workers, native born and immigrant, And, demand the right of all workers, native and immigrant, to a decent life, to join unions and to the respect due to those who produce the wealth of nations,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT (Insert name of labor/organization here) formally endorses the Boston May Day Committee event of May 1, 2010 rally on Boston Common and that we pledge to mobilize our members/constituents to participate in the May 1st rally.